😍😍😍 soooo, he was suppose to play Edward in Twilight, but he was a bit too old for the role. LAWD…I def woulda been team Edward. But…I’m def Team SUPERMAN 😊
This kills me 😂😭😂😭😂😭
Red light special 😘
#LauraCharles&BruceLeroy ❤️
It was such a fun day 💋
Aww snaps nah @sausageandboots new music 😆
💋 muahz
😍😍😍 fucking love!
D’Girls got talent… Dress is by @front_paije for @front_paije_designs I will be ordering mines next week…going to LA & this will be in my bag fa sho! 😆
My fav makeup artist & fashionista the lovely YouTube guru @tymetheinfamous looking like a Barbie 💖